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If you’re a rider and you come across a rough component while off-road, for your convenience, I’ll bring an Apollo dirt bike that will keep hold of your difficulty. The Chinese bicycle company, Apollo, has been active in this industry for the past 20 years.


Chinese businesses are known for using low-quality materials. However, I can guarantee that Apollo dirt bikes are made of high-quality materials. People are confused: are Apollo dirt bikes good? The ideal option for inexperienced riders is Apollo bikes. It is cost-effective and accelerates well at different speeds. It can support up to 450 pounds of weight.

In this article, I will thoroughly describe the Apollo dirt bike so that all of your questions are answered.


History of Apollo Dirt Bike

In 1970, a group of Californian dirt bike racers decided to launch their own company of dirt bikes. They worked very hard to develop Zhejiang Apollo Dirt Bike Manufacturing Company LTD in 2003. It is a Chinese company that was founded in Wuyi City.

They also produce motorbikes, electric bikes, and spare components, as well as dirt bikes. They started as a single factory and have now developed into a multimillion-dollar business. The asserted value of this company is around 200 million. They serve quality products all over the world.


The Effective Reason for Buying an Apollo Dirt Bike

The Apollo dirt bike is best for beginners and intermediate level riders. Now I will explain the reasons for buying an Apollo dirt bike.

Customer service

The customer service at Apollo is excellent. If you have a problem, they will answer within 24 hours. When I ordered the dirt bike, I neglected to take off the black stopper from the clear hose above the rear tire. I ultimately had an oil leakage problem. I got in touch with customer service, and they fixed my problem within 24 hours. That’s why I suggest you purchase an Apollo dirt bike.

The Benefit of Top Speed

The Apollo dirt bike offers a higher speed than other models. 35 mph is the speed of a 110 cc. However, the 125 cc has a 50-mph top speed. The 250cc engine has a top speed of 75 mph, making it competitive with engines of similar strength.

Easy to assemble

It’s easy to assemble. The majority of the parts were already assembled. You can watch a YouTube video and follow along with it step-by-step. This will make it easier for you to put it together.


It is cost-effective. For beginner riders, it is the best choice. You can purchase it if you’re learning to ride, as it’s simple to operate.


Quality components

The Apollo utilizes high-foot pegs, shifters, and clutch and brake levers. When these parts function together, riding becomes simple for you.

Bike reliability

Apollo offers the highest performance and quality. The Apollo developers are working hard to deliver the best dirt bike possible. The powerful 4-stroke engine used by Apollo performs effectively off-road.

Cons of Apollo Dirt Bikes

  • It’s not physically accessible in stores.
  • It is not lightweight because Apollo uses hefty steel, so pushing the bike needs more effort.
  • Finding its parts is challenging. We cannot use parts from other manufacturers in the case of replacement.

Apollo best dirt bikes

Apollo dirt bikes are available in different sizes, models, speeds and capacities. I will explain the best Apollo dirt bikes in the following

Apollo dirt bike-DB 36 250cc

The Apollo dirt bike is fast and recommended for intermediate riders. The seat height is 36 inches. This would be extremely tall for you and is a common dirt bike seat height. Unless you slipped off the seat, you couldn’t even touch the ground with the toes of either foot.

I’m 5’7 and on every dirt bike or dual support. I had to slightly lower the suspension and cut the seat cushion to be able to put my toe down. So, it’s best for people who are 6’0 to 6’9. The speed of 250cc is approximately 75-80 MPH.

It arrives in a box with a metal crate that is 95% assembled. The transmission and all of the engine parts have been assembled completely. The tires, handle bar, batteries, and other components must be assembled. We do offer videos and PDF files with assembly instructions.

  • Newest frame model available on the market!
  •  Adult-oriented design!
  • Strong, linear braking force is provided by the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • With front and rear knobby wheels measuring 21 and 18 inches, you can expect excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.
  •  A great wheel-base of 55.9 inches, which offers excellent rider comfort and handling.
  • Weight capacity is 440 pounds

Apollo dirt bike-DB X18 125cc

For beginners, the most suitable approach is the X18 125cc dirt bike. It works perfectly for teenagers and adults. The maximum speed is 50/55 MPH. The seat is 32 inches high.

This is suitable for people who are 5’2 to 5’9 in height. It makes no noise during trail riding. So, it is reliable for riders. The riding experience is boosted by the hydraulic braking system. Additionally, it offers quick stopping power to protect us from accidents.

The Apollo DB-X18 is compact and lightweight. This model is very resistant and durable, even on rough terrain, because of its heavy-duty steel frame. You don’t have to be concerned about riding the bike on sandy trails because the air filter can be changed. The bicycle is available in a number of colors, including green, red, and blue.

  • Weight capacity is 220lbs
  • A solid frame, adequate brakes and stability for safety, and a thrill-seeking with four gears
  • A cool 49.6″ wheelbase supports the 17″ front and 14″ rear wheels. The bike’s wheelbase really gives it exceptional stability and speed.

Apollo dirt bike -110cc

110cc is best for those who are just starting their riding career. The speed of this vehicle is

20/25 MPH. It is best for children aged 8 to 10 years. The 110cc four-stroke motor on this bike has plenty of power to handle hilly terrain.

This bike is perfect for riding on tracks, in sand, or even on the street because the tires are made to offer a wider range of grip on a variety of surfaces. You can read about it in detail by clicking the following link.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Apollo a good bicycle brand?

Apollo is a good bike brand. because it provides bikes at an affordable price with high quality. So, in my opinion, it is a good bike brand.

  1. Are Apollo bikes safe?

Apollo bikes are safe, yes. Since it offers an instant brake option, you can prevent yourself from any injuries in the case of an accident. Although bikes are made of high-quality materials.

  1. Are Apollo bikes fast?

The answer is that Apollo bikes are faster than other dirt bikes. Each model of bike has a different top speed.

  1. Why are Apollo dirt bikes cheap?

Apollo dirt bikes are mostly targeted at novice and intermediate riders. Therefore, it is kept at a low price so that everyone can easily afford it and begin their riding career.

  1. What dirt bike should I get for a 12-year-old?

For 12-year-olds, the 125cc and 110cc are both recommended. If you’re between 4 and 4’7 inches in height, 110cc is perfect. 125cc is appropriate for people who are 12 years old and under 5’7 inches in height.


Final Thoughts: Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good

If you’re unclear about whether are apollo dirt bikes good”, So, the answer is crystal clear: it is best for intermediate and beginner riders. When it comes to use, the majority of the pieces are built, and they utilize high-quality materials.

It is simple to operate. Its parts are also available on Amazon, making it simple to purchase there. The price of a dirt bike is low, so everyone can afford it easily. We can access a customer service team 24 hours a day. Every bike has excellent speed.

I hope you gain a lot of knowledge from this post to assist in your decision-making. Still, you want to talk about your experience about the today’s topic which is “are Apollo dirt bikes good” then do comment down below and I & you will solve this mystery without making another big guide. I’ll see you in the next something big and awesome. Till then I wish you the very best of luck with your riding career. See you around, cheers!

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