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If you’re riding a dirt bike, you need to know how to bump start it. The first step in learning how to bump start dirt bike? A good battery is essential for bump start dirt bikes. A weak battery can make it difficult for either person to run their machine.

Make sure that both batteries are fully charged before trying anything else. Ensure your bike isn’t running when you do this. If it’s running, it will be too easy for the engine to start moving on its own and stall when it stops turning over. It’s not that hard, but some tips and tricks can make it easier.

When You Should Bump Start the Bike

Bump starting is not something that inexperienced riders should attempt; it requires a lot of skill and confidence in your abilities and bike. If you don’t have that confidence and skill yet, don’t attempt to bump start the bike until you have both in place.


Suppose you do feel confident in your ability to bump start a bike. In that case, there are certain situations when this method is preferable over using kickstarting or using another person who also knows how to ride as a push start. Bump starting a bike is a trick that can be helpful when you’re stuck on the side of the road and need to get your bike running again.

It can be a real lifesaver for those struggling to start their bikes. Bump starting is particularly useful if you don’t have access to a garage or if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. A bump start is a simple way to get your bike going again without any tools or assistance.


Ensure the engine is off and the throttle is closed (don’t just twist it off). Then make sure that all electrical circuits are disabled, so they don’t accidentally turn on while you’re working on them—you want to be able to concentrate on getting this done safely!

Things to Check Before Bump Starting

When you’re out on the trail, and your bike suddenly stops running, it can be an incredibly frustrating situation. The good news is that you can check a few things to see if you need a bump start dirt bike.


First, ensure your fuel is complete (or close to it). If the tank isn’t filled with enough gas, the carburetor won’t get the air it needs to run. You can also add a little extra gas from a gas can or fuel container. If you have ruled out all possible dilemmas, you’re ready to boost your dirt bike.

After that, ensure that every connection is tight and secure. It includes any wires or hoses that connect your battery and engine block, any wires or hoses that connect your spark plugs and ignitions to their respective parts of the engine block and rider components (like foot pegs), as well as any screws or bolts holding everything together—especially those on your carburetor!

●     Identify a hill

If you have ruled out all possible dilemmas, you’re ready to boost your dirt bike. It is a simple way to start your dirt bike if you are riding it alone since you do not have to jump on it unnecessarily to get started.

Choosing an uphill hill with a decent slope is the key to gaining speed and momentum. You should be able to get the bike going on a long, steep, wide slope so that you have plenty of space and time. As long as the bike is moving at a reasonable speed, you should be able to shift it up into second or third gear. A more prominent hill will give your bike more speed and charge your battery faster.

●     Clutch firmly when catching speed

The coasting process begins when you are going downhill. Take hold of the clutch. You grip the clutch every time you start your bike.

The clutch is pulled when you’re about to shift up. As a result, the bike will be able to reach a comfortable speed.

●     Shift into Third or Second Gear

During the coasting phase, shift your bike into second gear while holding onto the clutch. Keeping the gearshift in second or third gear while shifting gears is crucial. It is not a good idea to jump into your bike’s first gear when it kicks in, as the engine will fire up quickly. As your battery roars back to life, you won’t be thrown off the bike in second or third gear.

●     Release clutch after speeding up

You should slowly release the clutch when you are coasting comfortably. You can release the clutch faster if the hill is steeper. Your bike has already reached a speed that doesn’t require a gentle touch to keep it steady.

The clutch has a poor chance of getting your bike moving, so you want to slingshot your bike into speed as much as possible. You’re all set to ride your dirt bike after bump-starting it and coasting it at this point, depending on the age of your battery, the life expectancy, etc.

●     Bike is broken if it won’t work

To be honest, it’s that simple. Your bike isn’t starting if you’ve tried starting it multiple times. A dirt bike should never be bump-started repeatedly, and things that have already begun to wear and age are more exposed.

To bump-start your dirt bike, you should proceed with extreme caution. You just need to know that if it fails the first time, there is more to the problem than a dead battery. Getting a mechanic to look at things more closely is time to act.

Do Make sure you plan before bump-starting your dirt bike. How will you get back up if you go down a hill without anything? It’s essential to think about a backup plan if things don’t work. In case of trouble, you must retrieve your bikes, such as a truck or another bike.


What is the best way to bump start a bike?

If your bike comes with high first gear, use that instead. Ensure that the bike is in second gear. If you can run no faster, quickly hop onboard with your left foot (do not hit the gear lever). As soon as possible, engage the clutch again.

Is bump starting a bike a bad idea?

Bikes pushed to start are potentially unsafe since they can tip over, trip over, or become traffic hazards. In addition, if a bike does not start after pushing, the rider must also figure out how to get it going again.

Can you bump start a motorcycle safely?

When a motorcycle is started by pushing it, the starting system does not have to be used. If your starter or battery is malfunctioning, ensure the problem is with them. There’s no point in top starting if you’ve got a faulty coil, no gas, or a bad clutch safety switch.


So, you might know how to bump start dirt bike in 2022. Your first step when learning how to bump start a dirt bike is to mount the bike and get in the proper riding position. Your legs should be bent as you put pressure on the right stirrup. Your upper body should be straight but not rigid, with your arms held high and loose. If they are tense, they could become injured if the bike starts rushing while you are trying to bump start it.

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