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Many readers asked me to have a Lifan X-pect review on my blog in 2022. So, I decided to go for it and have a Lifan X-pect review with the honest components and other material. 

So, are you ready? Hi there, this is the best and cheapest dirt bike in the world that can help you achieve your goals. 

X-Pro has always been a great industry for me, and I always try to get such types of bikes that can handle my workload and other features such as comfort, long-lasting, and so on. That’s why I am here with the Lifan X-pect review, and today I will help you get the best bike for you if you are serious about this.


Lifan X-Pect Review

Lifan X-pect

Key Features:

  • Engine: 200cc,4-stroke, SOHC,2Valves per cylinder
  • Transmission: 5 Speed Manual clutch
  • Max power: 14HP/8000RPM
  • Max Torque: 13.8N.m/6500 RPM
  • TOP Speed: 70mph+Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.6Gallons

History of Lifan X-pect:

Lifan launched the X-Pect 200 in 2018 and quickly became a leader in the growing market for budget-friendly dual sport bikes. Immediately, the bike caught the attention of many people because of its sharp styling and, more importantly, because it came standard with electronic fuel injection (EFI).

The Lifan-produced EFI bike certainly caught our attention since so many enthusiasts have been experimenting with EFI conversions (with mixed results). A five-speed transmission accompanies Lifan’s powerful 163FML engine that produces 14 horsepower.


In its factory configuration, the X-pect comes with a 15-tooth front sprocket and 46-tooth rear sprocket, which allows you to cruise at 65-70 miles per hour comfortably. The front disc brake and electric starter are also among the great features of this bike as standard equipment.

Lifan X-pect review

With the price tag of $2099, this is the best bike I want to say to you. It is because tons of the best features are installed in this excellent dirt bike. I am doing the Lifan X-pect review 2022 in front of you because I was hoping you could get this beautiful and powerful dirt bike for your daily life.

Do you want long travel and love to grab the adventure with your whole will? Then this bike is for you because the comfort is highly rated inside this 200cc dirt bike.

Your legs will be at rest when you drive this bike, and your back will align so that you can get rest at the same time you ride this bike.

I am doing a Lifan X-pect review because I want you to learn everything about this super-fast bike. And that’s not enough, and you will never regret the leg pads as the foot will also be at rest when you ride on Lifan X-pect.


I can talk about the performance when I called this bike “DOPE.” The performance is super excellent and fast. The Lifan X-pect can handle its performance under any condition, and there is nothing to worry about regarding the results.

So, the best is yet to come, and you can get a fantastic experience if you use this bike for fun and work.

Shifting the gears on the turning point can be challenging for some bikes, but for Lifan X-pect, it’s not like that. You can change the equipment even when you are turning the bike in any direction, and I like the way Lifan X-pect is doing so many miracles at a lower price.

Is Lifan X-pect legal in USA or worldwide?

Yes, it is legal to ride in the USA, or anywhere you live. There is no issue; you don’t need any license to drive this bike but just your driving license issued by the government.

How can I get this?

There is no issue in getting the Lifan X-pect bike for you. You can find the local sellers and online platforms where you can order this, and it will be there with you in 1-3 weeks, depending on your area’s delivery status.

Just make sure that you get the original certificate of the bike owner so you can get 100% ownership of your bike. It is not a formality, so pay close attention to this step. It will help you in getting your bike to be yours.


Lifan X-pect is available in 2 significant colors, blue and res. You can have your favorite by ordering the exact color you want. Both colors are beautiful and pleasing to use. So, there is nothing to worry about at all.

My Review:

I am doing this Lifan X-pect review because I used this bike and the results were so lit. Due to its many outstanding features, you will never regret having this in your hands.

I drive this from 0 to 120 in just 11 seconds, which means it is one of the most fantastic dirt bikes you can ever have in 2022.

Also, there is a slight jerk when you have a very rough road which means the shock slightly creates an issue on a very hard or rough road. That’s why I want to warn you, and please do not get this bike if you have expectations like Honda and Yamaha from this Lifan X-pect bike.

To be honest, I am doing the honest Lifan X-pect review, and I don’t want you to fall in love with this without knowing the PROS and CONS about this dirt bike. So, whether you want this bike for real or not, it’s your call.

Age: Does this matter?

Yes, it matters a lot. This bike is made only for adults, so there’s no kid allowed. If you are above 18, you are good to go with the Lifan X-pect 2022; otherwise, leave it.


There is an installation of a high voltage and long-lasting battery inside the Lifan X-pect, which you need in 2022 as the competition between bikes is increasing daily. Lithium batteries are the authentic ones you will be able to use once you have this awesome dirt bike.

Fuel consumption:

My favorite point is here. Yes, it is! X-Pro made this possible by installing the injector that can save up to 20-25% of the fuel in total, which can help you ride more of this bike. So, there is no worry about using this awesome dirt bike without thinking about the dirt bike.

Also, you can fill up to 2.6 gallons of fuel, so where is the point of worrying about anything? But I recommend you not to fill the tank due to weather changes, which can harm your bike.

Final Thoughts: Lifan X-pect review

So, how was today’s topic on Lifan X-pect review 2022? Do let me know did you like my today’s post or not? Any suggestions and allegations on my thinking are welcome, and I will admit it with my heart. Please let me know if you need anything to ask or want a suggestion. I will be there for you in all your good or bad. See you in the following article with another excellent dirt bike 2022. Till then, see you on the other side. Happy biking!


  • 5 Speed Manual clutch
  • High RPM power
  • Powerful lithium battery
  • Lightweight


  • Little pricey for some

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