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Are you looking for the cheap and best 250cc Apollo dirt bike in 2022? If yes, then you are on the right place. The apollo is a very good dirt bike. It is very reliable, very easy to ride, very fast and very light. Besides being very comfortable, it has a good performance. An excellent engine power it. Its engine is powerful and it is easy to start and maintain. It has a lot of advantages.

It has many advantages and it is a good bike for beginners and for experts. It is easy to ride, and it is also easy to control. The apollo is very good for beginners because it is very easy to ride and it is also easy to control. It is very good for both beginners and experts bikers.

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X-PRO Zongshen Engine Pit Bike
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As a matter of fact, you’re looking at one of the best quality 250cc apollo dirt bikes in the world. This bike is a great choice for beginners, as it provides a decent amount of power and a comfortable ride. If you are looking for a good motorcycle for beginners, then you should definitely consider this one. It will take you to the right path and make your riding experience enjoyable.

The apollo is a new and exciting product. It is a reliable 250cc dirt bike, which can be used for leisure and sport. The apollo is a high-end product and has many features. The apollo is a good choice for the outdoor enthusiast and a fun way to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

The 250cc apollo dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes in the world, and it is a great choice for people who love to ride. The 250cc apollo dirt bike is powered by two-stroke engines that produce high power and torque, and it is a great choice for those who love to ride. The 250cc apollo dirt bike is one of the most popular dirt bikes, and it is a great choice for people who love to ride.

1. 250cc Teen/ Adult Dirt Bike (Blue)

250cc Teen/ Adult Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Total Gears: 5
  • Engine Capacity: 250CC


This is the latest model of the popular APOLLO Dirt Bikes. This 125cc dirt bike is very easy to ride. It will suit anyone who wants to experience the thrill of riding a dirt bike for the first time. In addition to providing a lot of fun to the kids, it will also provide a lot of excitement to the adults. The dirt bike has a lot of safety features built into it.

The bike will give you a lot of power and speed. It has two-stroke engine that puts out 7 horsepower. This makes the bike perfect for anyone looking to spend a day riding a dirt bike. The bike is easy to operate. It has electric start, clutch release, full manual transmission, rear wheel drive, single cylinder engine with a 2 stroke motor, front and rear brakes.

If you want to buy a new bike, you must go online and order one. We sell a variety of different bikes and this is a dirt bike from the APOLLO brand. These bikes are very affordable.

When it comes to dirt bikes, 250cc bikes are one of the best. They are easy to ride, they offer good handling, they aren’t too difficult to control, and they provide decent performance. Dirt bikes come with a 250cc engine that allows them to move quickly and handle better than larger bikes.

When the rider goes through curves or turns, the engine doesn’t have to make a lot of effort to make the bike move. This means that the rider can go faster and perform better. If you want a dirt bike that is both easy to control and has a comfortable riding position, then a 250cc bike is right for you.

The size of the engine also makes these bikes quiet and smooth. Because of their size, 250cc bikes are great for beginners and casual riders. Those looking for a quieter bike will also enjoy them.

This is the latest model of the popular APOLLO Dirt Bikes. This 125cc dirt bike is very easy to ride. It will suit anyone who wants to experience the thrill of riding a dirtbike for the first time. It will also provide a lot of fun and excitement to kids as well. The dirt bike has a lot of safety features built into it.

There are some people who like to ride dirt bikes because they’re fun. In addition to that, they’re easy to ride and they don’t require much time to learn how to operate one. Many people believe that it takes a lot of skill to operate a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are popular among young adults and kids. These bikes are suitable for most ages and heights. They come in different sizes.

If you have been looking for a good dirt bike, you might want to consider getting one of these. They are easy to maintain and easy to drive. They don’t cost too much.

One of the biggest concerns when you own a dirt bike is to know how to handle it safely. It’s important to keep yourself safe when operating a dirt bike. This can be done by following the directions that come with the product. However, if you’ve been riding dirt bikes for quite a while, you might want to take some lessons. This is important to learn how to ride a dirt bike. A good instructor can teach you the best ways to do this. They will also teach you the best ways to drive a dirt bike.

There are some things you need to know when riding a dirt bike in 2022. For example, you should avoid wearing jewelry while operating a dirt bike.

Special Features: 250cc Adult Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is designed for adults. The frame is made of aluminum. Front and rear suspension is hydraulic. Both brakes are mechanical. All brakes are independent.

This 250cc dirt bike is a new and reliable model. I recommend you to take it for a ride to check the best features of this bike. It will be an amazing experience. This motorcycle has an attractive appearance and can be used on the street or off-road. Its light weight can help you to ride this dirt bike easily and smoothly.

The engine was manufactured by using advanced technology, which ensures high performance and safety. The 250cc Dirtbike has good durability and strong reliability, which makes it easier to use and operate. This is a real bike for riders who want to feel the speed of the fastest sport bike.


  • High quality engine
  • Powerful body
  • Attractive design
  • Best for all teens/adults


  • Pricey

2. 250cc Gas Pit Dirt Bike

250cc Gas Pit Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 238 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Tool Kit: Yes
  • Horsepower: 17HP


If you are looking for a Dirt Bike Pit Bike that will keep you riding all day long, then you can count on the Gas Pit Dirt Bike to give you the thrill of the ultimate Dirt Bike experience. With the right setup, you can expect amazing power, incredible handling and unbeatable performance on the road or trail.

The GAS PIT DIRT BIKE is really an amazing dirt bike and you will see this when you ride this bike anywhere you want. It’s easy to set up and adjust. It features quick, responsive throttle response and a high-end torque curve for powerful acceleration. It has a sleek, lightweight design with a rugged front-end and an aggressive rear suspension setup for ultimate control.

Its low profile tires make it extremely agile and confident on tight trails and rocks. There is a wide variety of options available to customize your bike, including adjustable handlebar height, grips and steering stem. It also features a powerful fuel-injected 250cc engine. A true dirt bike experience. The Gas Pit Dirt Bike is available at many motorcycle dealers across North America.

When you look for a better option to get a dirt bike, you will need this bike and I can get on it. The Moto Pro 250cc Dirt Bike is the right choice. This motorcycle was built to be tough and offer a very high-quality ride. Whether you are riding the pavement or off-road, this dirt bike can do it all.

With 250cc, this motorcycle delivers an ideal power for all types of terrain, from grass to sand, dirt, and rocks. Whether you want a motorcycle for fun or for racing, the Moto Pro 250cc Dirt Bike is a great choice. This 250cc gas engine has a top speed of over 70 mph on a 2-mile straightaway. You can shift gears manually or rely on the automatic transmission, which is more convenient. This motorcycle is perfect for any type of rider who wants to experience a thrilling adventure.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to fill tank
  • Easy to adjust carburetor


  • Small engine size
  • Expensive

3. MOTO Kids Dirt Bike – Affordable Mini Bike

MOTO Kids Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 48.5 Pounds
  • Color: Red (Available in various colors)
  • Best for: Kids
  • Engine feature: Automatic Transmission


MOTO Dirt bike is a dirt bike and it is suitable for young riders. It has a large capacity tank, easy to ride and it is safe for kids. It is a perfect choice for kids who love to ride bikes and they want to learn to ride a dirt bike.

A MOTO Dirt Bike is designed specifically for children. There are two versions available: the MOTO Mini Dirt Bike and the MOTO Big Bike. This post will only focus on the Mini Dirt Bike 2022. You can learn more about the Big Bike version on the MOTO website. You will find more information about both models under the “Dirt Bikes” category.

The MOTO Dirt Bike is recommended for children who are 6 years old and above. The main reason for recommending this product is because the manufacturer states that it is safe for the rider and it does not involve any injuries. Children under this age group should have their own riding equipment.

One advantage of the MOTO Mini Dirt Bike is that it has large tires which absorb impacts better than small tires. Smaller tires will make it difficult for the rider to control the bike. Large tires will provide more stability to the bike when turning. The tires are made of high-quality material, so they will long-last for sure. They can be replaced by purchasing a new set.

Dirt bike is one of the most exciting and popular toys of kids, particularly for boys. The dirt bikes are extremely fast and require a lot of power to control. If you want to give your child an amazing experience of riding with a dirt bike, it is a must that you buy the best one that you can afford. There are many models available and you can choose your favorite one.

You don’t need to worry about assembling the dirt bike because it is fully assembled. It will take only few minutes to assemble the complete bike. It is easy to install. Only three-main parts needed to put the complete bike together. Attach the rear shock absorber, front wheel, handlebar, and the fender. By doing this, you can show your kids how to do these stuff as well in the teen age.

The dirt bikes have a lot of accessories. For example, you can install a helmet, a protective jacket, gloves, and pads for your child to protect him/her from getting hurt. You can even install lights if you like.

For safety reasons, it is a good idea to get an expert to teach your child how to drive the dirt bike. He will need to know all the rules and regulations before he can ride.

Features: MOTO Kids Dirt Bike

Made of high-quality heavy duty plastic, this unique mini dirt bike is very light and easy to ride for kids. Featuring the strong motor and powerful gear drive system, this is a great choice for both young beginners and older riders.

Get your kids outdoors and enjoy the freedom of a two-wheeled adventure with the new MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike. This rugged, durable and comfortable mini bike has been designed to make riding fun for both children and adults. It comes with a detachable front tire, which helps the user easily navigate steep and uneven terrain. The bike can even be used as a stand-alone tricycle.

Welcome the MOTO Kids dirt bike for your child. Made for kids and beginners. Realistic engine and handlebar for sure beginners riding experience. With the MOTO Kids Dirt Bike, you can ride safely on public road or private backyard, parks and much more.

MOTO is the most trusted name in bikes. This kids dirt bike is made with the best components and designed to help kids enjoy their first dirt bikes. The dirt bike is made from high-strength steel and designed to withstand any challenge that might come your way. This kids dirt bike includes a sturdy engine, high-quality tires, and other essentials that help your kid have a safe, fun ride. With a strong engine, the kids dirt bike is built to handle all of the obstacles that come your way. The kids dirt bike comes complete with a high-quality battery that will help you make it through the day.

The kids dirt bike has a sturdy frame, so your kid can have the ultimate ride. The dirt bike is equipped with a high-quality battery and a seat, so your kid can enjoy his new bike. The dirt bike can be used on both pavement and dirt, giving your kid the ultimate ride.

With high-performance tires, the kids dirt bike provides a comfortable ride. This kids dirt bike can be used for up to 30 minutes of fun and enjoyment. Kids Dirt Bike offers high-quality and durable tires that keep your kid on the road longer.

The speed limit if from 30mph to 15mph which is surely an improved step by the manufacturers. Also, it has a 360 degree view for safe riding.


  • Easy to stable & assemble
  • Easiest Installment plans
  • Best for young & kids
  • Powerful Body


  • Bad brakes

4. X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike – Adult Dirt Bike

 X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 242 lbs.
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Engine Capacity: 250cc
  • Max Capacity: 16.1 HP


I think that the X-PRO Titan Dirt Bike has many good features. It is safe to ride and it is very easy to control. The tires are big and they are made of high-quality rubber. The engine works well and it has a nice design. Also, this is a very powerful bike and it runs smoothly.

This dirt bike is light and made of sturdy materials. It is worth having for someone who wants to ride in the mud. It is a really fun machine to ride, and it looks really nice. The bike has a lot of useful parts: a powerful engine, a strong frame, a powerful muffler, a powerful light and a powerful handlebar.

It is a good quality bike and the parts are high-quality. The manufacturer promises that the bike is powerful. However, I think it’s not a real powerful one. I would recommend it to people who like to ride dirt bikes. The muffler sounds good. The engine is a powerful one. You can use the engine for a long time.

The bike has a powerful light. The light can make your night riding much safer. This is very useful. The light has a powerful, high-quality light. You can enjoy it.

The bike has a powerful handlebar. The handlebar can make your hand grip stronger. You can use it to control the bike. The handlebar also has a built-in brake lever. This is very useful.

You can control the speed of the bike easily. You can ride the bike anywhere. You can use it at home, at the road and in the forest. You can also ride it on the mountain. This is a good quality bike. With its good price, sturdy and lightweight design, high performance, simple maintenance and ease of driving, the X-PRO Titan 250cc dirt bike is your best choice.

The bike is very durable. Its frame is welded together to ensure its structural integrity and strong enough for even the hardest terrain. The rugged steel frame is reinforced for extra strength, and the front forks are attached securely with high strength steel pins and nuts to keep them in place.

Its engine is very strong, which provides good fuel efficiency and low emissions. Besides, its muffler is very effective in muffling engine noise. This makes the whole bike much quieter during riding.

Features: X-PRO Titan Dirt Bike

I recommend that you first adjust the seat height and handlebar position. The best position is when you are sitting on the seat without leaning too far forward or backward.

When riding a dirt bike, the handlebars must be adjusted slightly higher, making it easier to lean to turn. After a short time, the adjustment should be made smaller, or the bike will begin to lean excessively when turning. Adjust the saddle height according to the size of your child. Just make sure, your kid get enough space to sit & ride this bike.

X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike is the ideal choice for beginners, the rider can enjoy their fun on the road. With its easy operation and low maintenance, it’s perfect for riding and has been widely accepted by young people.

High-speed throttle valve with direct control on the handlebar, smooth and quick throttle response, ideal for beginner riders. Easy access to the ground for the rider and safety belt design can prevent the rider from falling off when the bike runs over a speed bump.

X-Pro Titan contains an automatic reverse gear which can help you to control your bike. In addition, with its anti-slip tires, it is not affected by mud and sand.

This bike features a simple and convenient parking brake system, which makes it easier to maintain. Equipped with high-strength steel frame and high-quality plastic parts, it has a strong frame structure, durable plastic, excellent durability and high-strength steel tube.

The X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike has a light weight, compact size and simple operation, which is easy to control and convenient to ride. ABS and twin rear disc brakes to ensure effective braking.

It has a compact size and a light weight of less than 100kg, so the whole frame is very light, which makes it easy to handle and accelerate. High quality shock absorbers have excellent damping and good rebound. Anti-slip tyres are used to ensure that the bike is not affected by sand or mud.

Two spare tires, making the rider more comfortable. With a comfortable seat, easy to get on and off, safe for young children. The adjustable headrest is equipped with a helmet, suitable for all types of helmets.


  • Powerful output
  • Provides excellent stability 
  • Quitter engine


  • Only for small-sized people
  • Pricey

5. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike 

X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike 

Key Features:

  • Weight: 265 lbs.
  • Color: Green
  • Best for: Youngs & Adults
  • Wheel size: Large

This is a great motorcycle for dirt bike riders. Its easy to operate, it handles smoothly and it’s fun. X-PRO Hawk is designed to be a reliable dirt bike with a high level of performance. It comes equipped with a robust engine. It gives its owner the power to perform tricks and have fun. It is suitable for dirt bike riders of all skill levels.

It’s a powerful dirt bike built to be an affordable racing bike. Mostly dirt bikes are popular because they are reliable, powerful and have multiple features. Dirt bikes come in various styles. The most common is a four-stroke engine. A two-stroke engine is more powerful but less fuel efficient.

The engine on the X-PRO Hawk 250 is a two-stroke. It’s a big and powerful engine. It is very reliable. It also runs well and provides a smooth ride. It’s a great dirt bike for beginners. This bike is very economical package who want cheap bike with best features. It’s a durable motorcycle for dirt bike riding.

One of the biggest benefits of the X-PRO Hawk is its lightweight. It’s a light bike with a smaller frame than most dirt bikes. That means that the bike is easier to maneuver and handle. Another benefit is that it’s easy to manage while riding.

This motorcycle is ideal for beginners who want to experience all the thrills of the world of motorcycling and enjoy the freedom and thrill of a bike.

The X-PRO Hawk is a great value and is built for a lifetime of riding enjoyment. The X-PRO Hawk is especially designed for those riders who are with intermediate to advanced skill level. This is an entry level, affordable, high quality, all-around dirt bike. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy all the thrills and adrenaline of motorcycling.

Let’s talk about some hidden Features:

X-Pro Hawk 250 brings a wide range of powerful technology to meet the needs of both professional and recreational riders. X-PRO Hawk 250 is an upgraded version of the legendary X-Pro Hawk 250.

The X-PRO Hawk 250 is designed to give you the most fun ever on dirt. It’s made with the highest quality steel components and designed to make the smoothest, quickest, and easiest rides you’ll ever have.

The X-PRO Hawk 250 brings a new level of performance and comfort. With the X-PRO Hawk 250, you’ll experience the most enjoyable rides yet! X-PRO Hawk 250 was designed with professional riders in mind. The performance of the bike was based on input from expert professionals.

They made sure that the design meets the demands of a professional racer with advanced levels of performance. The design ensures that you have the most enjoyable and smoothest ride, while also being safer and more comfortable. The Hawk 250R models are capable of producing 15.4hp at 10,000rpm, delivering a peak torque of 36.8Nm @ 8,500rpm, and are fully customizable.


  • High torque
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Easy to operate
  • Good quality


  • A little expensive

6. Zongshen Engine Pit Bike

Zongshen Engine Pit Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 242 lbs. 
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Engine type: Zongshen (Reliable)
  • Color type: UV-resistant

Zongshen is one of the leading companies of motorcycle production in China. The company has been dedicated to the development of motorcycle industry for many years and has a reputation for excellence in motorcycle research and development. The brand has also developed a wide range of motorcycles including electric motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and racing vehicles. The company’s Zongshen engine is the engine widely used in all Zongshen motorcycles.

The engine is produced by the Zongshen Motorcycle Co., Ltd. It has been sold by various manufacturers around the world and is renowned for its reliable and efficient performance and durability. Zongshen Motorcycle Company, Ltd. has established a complete product system, which includes the design, manufacture, assembly and marketing of all Zongshen motorcycles.

Its products have won more than 100 international awards and Zongshen’s bikes are the most popular among those awarded. In addition, the brand has been named the best motorcycle brand in the Chinese market and received an honorable award from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The brand is committed to producing motorcycles that provide excellent riding experience to customers. Zongshen’s motorcycles come with a number of advanced features that make them easy to ride and enjoyable to use. They also feature comfortable seating and storage, powerful engines and convenient ergonomics.

Engine Pit Bike Zongshen 250cc Dirt Bike has a powerful and reliable engine. It is durable and sturdy. This pit bike is very lightweight. Therefore, it is easy to use. The user can ride it quickly. It is easy to control and drive. A strong bike with some other amazing accessories that can provides a lot of fun.

It comes with powerful and reliable 223 cc engine which is made of high-quality material. The engine is very heavy. It is durable and sturdy. It runs smoothly. It is easy to install and maintain. The parts of this engine are all brand new. It has a good cooling system. This engine has no problems in operation. It runs perfectly. It is easy to use. There is no problem with its sound or performance. It has a durable and reliable engine.

It is an awesome bike that makes engine noise. This Zongshen Dirt Bike has a good design. It is an awesome pit bike that makes a good sound when the rider is riding. This pit bike is designed with a good quality and it can bring more fun to its owner.

The price is reasonable. It will bring fun to the rider. This bike is durable and reliable. You can ride this bike anywhere you want. Also, this bike can save you from quick accidents. It is a good choice for the riders who love fun and want to try different bikes.

Zongshen has been producing professional motorsport motorcycle for years. With our dedication and passion for performance motocross motorcycles, we make the highest quality, most affordable dirt bike in the world. All models come with full manufacturer warranty.


  • Reliable: Good quality, long life span
  • High power: High power, powerful and easy to control
  • Safe and easy to operate: Safe and easy to operate, can pass strict safety inspection


  • Hard to operate

7. Enduro Street Dirt Bike – Best overall

Enduro Street Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 265 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Tire Type: Fat
  • Engine Capacity: 250cc


The Enduro Street Dirt Bike is a street legal dirt bike with a big size, big wheel, wide tire, and high-powered engine. This motorcycle has a full fairing, high ground clearance, a big wheel, a comfortable seat, and a wide-body.

The machine features a motocross-style seat, low stance, and large wheel diameter. These ensure the comfort and safety of the rider. The tires are 120/90-17 front and 110/80-18 rear, which give the bike excellent traction. It has four-stroke and high-performance engine with 4-valve and DOHC head.

The new Hawk 250 Enduro Street dirt bike is designed to combine style and performance, with high performance street-styling. From the sleek black color, it looks elegant and eye catching to riders.

The Enduro features a slimline exhaust system that fits perfectly with the bike’s sleek design, enhancing both performance and style to the bike. It also has a very wide air box in the front and a large rear muffler to allow more air to pass through, giving more noise-reducing effect, as well as more torque and power.

With the Motocross-style seat and the big wheel size, it is suitable for both riders and beginners. The front fender and a new larger rear fender were added to increase traction and stability. The tires are more than enough to provide good traction and durability.

The new front fork is designed to provide stable and safe handling for the street and is also made of high-end lightweight alloy with a large diameter head tube to increase strength. The rear shock absorbers and spring is also specially designed for the street-styled performance, providing better stability and more comfortable riding.

Enduro is the bike you can ride any time you want. It gives the drivers the feeling of riding a real motorcycle, which has the best performance, high speed and acceleration, without the cost of maintenance.

You can now feel the true and authentic performance, high-speed and acceleration of a real motorcycle with the Hawk 250 Enduro Street dirt bike.

Enduro street dirt bikes are for riders who want to enjoy fast and furious motocross racing. Offering plenty of power, the Hawk 250 Enduro Street Dirt Bike is the ideal motorcycle for experienced riders looking for more control, confidence, and fun. With its sleek, stylish design and all-new suspension, it’s also the perfect ride for beginners looking to learn more about dirt bike riding and mechanics.

The Hawk 250 Enduro Street Dirt Bike was built to meet the needs of new and experienced riders alike. It features a low-slung chassis, a more relaxed seating position, and an aggressive bodywork package to help keep the bike balanced during high-speed turns.

With its big fat tires and strong, light frame, the Hawk 250 Enduro Street Dirt Bike is the ideal dirt bike for both new and experienced riders.


  • Very suitable for the outdoor riding.
  • Very powerful and stylish.
  • Suitable for the people who like the outdoors riding.
  • It has the high power.


  • Pricey

8. SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike – Stunning & cheap

SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Color: Pink/Black
  • Best for: Kids
  • Bike type: Fully automatic

SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike is especially designed for noob kids. It is made to be small and easy to maneuver so that kids can play freely and enjoy themselves. SYX MOTO is very light-weighted bike and you can easily control when ride. This bike is suitable for all riders of any type or age.

All you need to do is to attach the fender, rear tire and front wheel. Once everything is attached, you will have a new dirt bike ready for you to play with. Your kid can itself, install or disassemble without any technical knowledge.

SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike is specially designed for kids to protect them from damage. It also has a low noise level to ensure your kids can ride safely while they play with SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike. The engine will not emit any noise while it is running.

SYX MOTO is a new kind of kids’ toys, the SYX MOTO Kids’ Dirt Bike is made with durable ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and safe for children’s. It is equipped with a special high quality front suspension fork, rear shock absorber and other components to make the SYX MOTO Kids’ Dirt Bike riding experience even better.

The unique speed limiter feature makes it the ideal beginner bike, you can let your child riding at its own pace. When he/she wants to increase the speed, simply press down the accelerator pedal, the motor can’t exceed the maximum speed set.

The large size and lightweight make the SYX MOTO Kids’ Dirt Bike easy to carry and convenient to use. It’s a great choice for your kids, you can’t find better kids’ toys. SYX MOTO Kids’ Dirt Bike is a good toy for kids and a fun gift for kids. This is the best choice for beginners!

Designed for beginner riders, the MOTO Kids Dirt Bike is an ideal choice for all ages. A two stroke engine is quieter than most motors. The bike is equipped with a speed limiter to help reduce accidents. There are holes on the wheels to absorb bumps and shocks. It comes with a fender and toolkit.

You can watch a quick instructional video or download a manual that shows you how to put the bike together and install it. It takes just 20 minutes to assemble and only 30 minutes to disassemble. Another great thing about SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike is that it has a bigger size than the normal mini bikes. Never worry about your child that he will be able to ride this bike or not. He will! It will allow them to ride safely, confidently and have a lot of fun.


  • Good price for beginners
  • Good speed limiter function
  • Good suspension system


  • Need proper maintenance

9. Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc – Standard Clutch

Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc

Key Features:

  • Weight: 300 pounds
  • Color: Midnight Black
  • Operating type: Manual Clutch
  • Engine Capacity: 250cc


The Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc is a dirt bike for children. You can ride this bike on on-road or even off-road with the same energy & benefits. The kids can drive around their neighborhoods safely while learning about off-road driving and motor control. Children learn about safety, traffic regulations and motor skills. The Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc is easy to ride, maneuver and handle. It is fun and safe.

It is made of durable and light weight aluminum alloy frame. The frame is covered in high quality, stain-resistant PVC material. The seat is padded and adjustable. It is designed for the child’s size. The rear wheel has an alloy rim and a 12-inch front tire. There is a speedometer.

There are two main accessories for the Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc. One is the kickstand. It holds your bike upright when you are not on the bike and bike is in still position. The second one is handlebar. This helps in safe riding & better experience than ever before.

The Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc has been designed to offer maximum comfort and easy handling during long hours of riding. This is because the bike is equipped with a telescopic front suspension forks which offer good shock absorption, a spring preload adjustment mechanism which gives you a comfortable ride at all times.

It is fitted with a double cartridge front disc brake system which offers excellent stopping power. It is equipped with an alloy frame and cast aluminum wheels which ensures durability and good handling properties.

It comes with standard manual transmission which offers good fuel economy while providing smooth acceleration. The Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc is a versatile all terrain bike which is ideal for recreational riders who want a good deal of fun and adventure on the road and trails.

Apollo 250 Dirt Bike is one of the best dirt bikes for those who are ready to experience and feel the thrill of dirt bikes. With the strong 250cc engine that is capable of delivering you high-end performance and high speed, you are sure to enjoy this. This bike comes with a powerful battery that is capable of driving the bike for long distances.

This 250cc dirt bike also features a strong and reliable chassis system, which is the perfect fit for any type of terrain. It has been specially designed to give the rider a comfortable and smooth riding experience, and it is also easy to maintain and repair.

This is a beautiful and affordable dirt bike. Its high speed stability, light weight, and durability make this the perfect choice for beginners and advanced riders alike. Its lightweight yet robust frame will hold you tight while you learn to handle the bumps and the hills. With adjustable handlebars, hand grips, and a comfortable seat, you are in for a fast and exciting ride.

The easy-to-use throttle and transmission controls will let you adjust the gear ratio and increase the power as needed, ensuring that you don’t overheat or stall out. With this new version of the original Apollo dirt bike, you’ll experience the thrill of the road right from the first time you ride.

Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc Motorized Scooter is a unique electric scooter with a battery powered motor and a range of up to 5.8 miles (9.4 km) depending on terrain and rider weight. It has the power of a full sized bicycle, including power brakes and high speed stability thanks to its suspension and a fully enclosed engine. The Apollo can take you across town at speeds up to 9 mph. With a comfortable seating position, you can easily maneuver the Apollo for short trips or to make a quick escape from traffic.

Last but not least, apollo Dirt Bike is made with high strength and high quality materials to help you enjoy a fast and exciting riding experience on any terrains. Its innovative technology allows riders to experience the feeling of an actual dirt bike.


  • Easy to operate
  • Best bike for all users
  • Powerful engine
  • Less maintenance needed


  • Little Pricey

10. X-PRO 250cc Gas Dirt Bike

X-PRO 250cc Gas Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Weight: 242 lbs.
  • Color: Red
  • Engine Type: Manual operating
  • Best for: On-road riding


This bike can be found in a huge range of colors which you can find in any online store. It has the capability to reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. This bike can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 3 seconds! It is not too difficult to get this bike for kids who love to drive.

Today, people prefer to go for shopping in mall or for the groceries in car. But for those people who love to ride bicycles and enjoy it, then they should try to buy a motorbike for riding it.

It is because motorbikes are more safer than a car or a bicycle and hence they can be considered as a more ideal option for riding on a daily basis. So people can take a step forward and get this bike as it helps them to reduce their fuel costs.

They can also enjoy themselves during trips. But before that, they can read the product details to understand about the features of this bike. The product details provide them with the necessary information about this product.

If your bike has a powerful engine, you need to explain how powerful the engine is and how long it lasts. You should also point out the safety features on your bike. There are different models of this kind of bike. You should talk about the model of the bike to let your potential customers know which one you are going to sell.

A bike can only love, if it is designed with the requirements you have in your mind, otherwise no! For example, you will want to look for a smaller motorcycle that you can easily maneuver. If you like to ride fast and use your motorcycle in rough weather, then you should buy a larger motorcycle. Before you buy a new motorcycle, you should consider the amount of space that you have to store your motorcycle. If you don’t have enough room to store your motorcycle, then you should buy one that you can put in your garage.

If it is difficult for you to fix minor problems, then you should choose a larger motorcycle. If you find that the vehicle is too expensive to maintain, you should choose one that you can afford.

Other Exciting Features: 

The best motorcycle that you can choose is not easy. But if you do not want to worry about the money of buying this new bike, you should come to visit us. Our dealer is one of the most trusted motorcycle sellers in this city. If you buy a cheap or used motorcycle, you may have to worry about the reliability and durability. But the good news is that our company has made the best decision.

The X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike is a durable, strong and reliable motorcycle. There is no need to worry about whether the motorcycle is in the shop or not, because it is our priority to give you the best support.

If you are looking for a motorcycle that is affordable and high-quality, then our company has the right motorcycle for you. You can buy this motorcycle with confidence. 

This 250cc dirt bike is suitable for adults over 17 years old. This dirt bike is powered by a strong, powerful Zongshen 223cc two-stroke engine, and equipped with high performance tyres, which make it more powerful and stable.

This motorcycle is the newest and most powerful in the range of Zongshen motorcycles. Equipped with a powerful 223cc 4-stroke engine that has been developed based on the advanced technology from the Zongshen 450cc engine, it boasts a superb acceleration performance and long life span.

With a strong steel frame and precision welded process, the motorcycle is made stronger and more durable. With a high-power 223 cc engine, it has great acceleration performance. The top speed is 45 km/h. And the vehicle body paint is UV-resistant and won’t fade over time.


  • High power
  • Best ever engine
  • Smooth and silent 
  • Reliable & durable


  • Not suitable for off-road
  • Can be too heavy for inexperienced rider

Buying Guide | How to finalize a 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike

The first thing you need to think about when buying a dirt bike is safety. If you have a lot of experience riding bikes, you know that the best and safest dirt bikes are those that have a full fairing.

A full fairing covers the head, chest, arms and legs of the rider, so he is completely protected. You will also need a helmet and some goggles for protecting your eyes. You will need knee pads to protect your knees and a backpack to carry all your equipment. Your bike should also be equipped with seat belts, side-standers and pneumatic tools.

The second thing you need to think about when choosing a dirt bike is what kind of riding you want to do. If you want to just ride on the roads, you will need something that is safe enough for a beginner.

On the other hand, if you want to do some off-road riding, you will want a bike that can handle rough terrain. Most of the dirt bikes sold today are designed for off-road riding, so you will need to get something that has the right tires and suspension to handle the rougher terrain. A dirt bike’s power and torque are important, and they will determine how fast and how far you can ride.

To buy a new dirt bike, it is a good idea to first find out what you like in a dirt bike. It is not advisable to buy a bike that looks good only because it is cheap. When looking for a 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike, you should always compare the prices and the features of the different brands. Some of the key features to look for are the type of fuel used, the power output, number of cylinders, the number of gears and so on.

You should also consider how you will ride the bike. You can use a 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike only if you know how to handle it. If you want to buy a reliable bike that can be ridden on a dirt road, you should buy a motorcycle that has a single-cylinder engine. A single-cylinder engine will make the bike smoother and easier to handle.

Just make sure that you choose the bike having a powerful engine for better performance. There is a very big difference between the power output of a 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike and other bikes. If you want to buy a reliable bike that can be ridden in bad weather, you should buy a bike that has a powerful engine. This means that you should get a bike with a powerful engine that has a displacement of about 220-250cc.

FAQs | 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike

1. What is the best 250cc dirt bike in the world?

The best 250cc dirt bike in the world is the Suzuki DR-Z

2. What’s the most expensive 250cc dirt bike in the world?

The most expensive 250cc dirt bike in the world is the Yamaha YZF-R

3. What’s the best dirt bike for kids?

The best dirt bike for your kids is the Honda CRF250R. It is very useful for those who want to gift this bike to their child in early or adult age. It’s fast, easy to ride, and it’s safe.


Dirt bikes can be used in different conditions. However, if you are looking to buy one that can be used in rough terrain, you should buy a bike with a powerful engine. The best choice for a dirt bike is a bike that has a displacement of about 250-300cc. You can buy such a bike at various online outlets. The price of such bikes varies depending on the brand. In addition, the best-known models come from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Kawasaki.

 I have a lot of information on how you can use the 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike in this article. If you are looking for a reliable motorcycle that you can ride on a dirt road, then you should consider a single-cylinder engine. You can’t go wrong if you buy a 250cc Apollo Dirt Bike. The bike has the capacity to take you on long trips if you know how to handle it.

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