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Apollo DB-X18 review

I am back with another exciting post where I will do an Apollo DB-X18 review without any delay and hidden. It will be the honest and best review you will ever have.

Apollo is the best dirt bike brand, providing the perfect bikes for dirt biking and other tasks such as simple riding, long riding, etc.

But, in this post, I will only perform Apollo DB-X18 review 2022 because I want to review a significant dirt bike.

The DB-X18 allows you to choose from various colors, unlike other rides. Blue is the iconic color of this bike. Choosing between a vibrant green or a stunning red is also possible.

This bike offers a great riding experience in addition to its remarkable style. Unlike traditional brakes on bikes, disc brakes run down quickly. Brake fluid distributes the heat evenly to maintain a constant temperature for an extended time. With them, you can instantly stop your kid from crashing into something he shouldn’t.

Also, buying a reliable, robust, and long-lasting bike would be best. So, let’s get started with the very first feature about this awesome bike and ensure you read the complete Apollo DB-X18 review 2022.

Apollo DB-X18 125CC RFZ Racing Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18

Key Features:

  • Bike Type: Dirt bike
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Brand: HHH
  • Specific Uses For Product: Gravel

Design: Apollo DB-X18 review

Design is such a thing that can help you in getting the best shape and also have some confidence about the bike you want to ride. In this Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike, the design is super-awesome and attractive, attracting users.

That’s why I added this bike to my list of the top 50 best dirt bikes in 2022, where you are reading about this perfect bike 2022.

The design was taken from the concept of anti-air, where this bike can handle the fastest air while you ride this dirt bike. It is the main thing you need the most in the dirt bike.

This excellent design is only for those who want a combination of the best design & fastest speed, and the Apollo dirt bike manufacturers complete the thing.

Frame size is designed for those who want a high-quality body that never breaks, even if the bike gets hurt in an incident. That’s why I always try to choose bikes with steel frames. That’s why I am using the best bikes for my garage. And I recommend you use such bikes with quality frames and designs that have a tremendous future and long-lasting life.

Hold on, and I forgot that the design is super cool in that it can handle up to 220 pounds of weight without any hurdle. That’s why I love the creation of this Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike 2022.

Engine: Powerful & Silent

A dirt bike is great if the speed is good and the engine is reliable for all types of roads. That’s why this Apollo DB-X18 bike holds the best quality 125cc engine, which can handle a ton of load without any problem.

So, what are we waiting for? This is the best time for us to grab this opportunity and have this one in our garage. Let me know do you like it or not.

Also, the engine is closed, and you need nothing to worry about the speed and other issues because there will be no dust that can pass via this awesome bike’s engine.

I can rate 9 out of 10 if someone asks me to review only the engine of this super-fast Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike.

The maximum horsepower in this bike is 8.7 HP, which is mind-blowing; in my case, this is the best engine bike under a $1000 budget.


You can get many colors if you choose the colors on this bike. The available colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, & Green. So, you can get a massive variety of colors on this bike, and it will help you to grab the best and most awesome results in the end.

Some other features: Apollo DB-X18

Its crown jewel, however, is its 4-stroke engine. A 55MPH top speed is possible due to the high level of power it produces. Also, it isn’t as prone to breakdown as a two-stroke engine. Moreover, the smoke it emits is not harmful to the environment.

It means to say that this is the perfect dirt bike for all those who want to perform the best riding without facing any hurdles or issues at all. There are so many reasons why I am choosing this bike as one of my favorite bikes you should try at least once in life.

If you are using proper maintenance for your dirt bike in 2022, there is no chance that your bike will get hurt of any type. That’s why care is critical for you; you just have to get it done from time to time if you love your dirt bike.

Are Apollo bikes safe?

No bike is 100% secure if you have less knowledge about the dirt bike. That’s why you can say yes or maybe not. It depends on how you deal with your bike and how you ride the bike when you are on the way towards your tour.

For a better life in biking, it is crucial for you to must have the decency of riding the bike like a professional. And if you are doing this with your full responsibility, then you are good to go, and nothing can stop you.

Is this bike safe for kids?

Yes, this bike is secure for those over 13, and there is nothing to worry about if you are one of them. If you are under 13, it will be a little bit of an issue for you as the height of the bike is not designed for those under age.

Final Words: Apollo DB-X18 review

Apollo DB-X18 is a fantastic bike, and you should love to ride this as this is one of the most OK bikes I have ever seen in the whole market. So, if you are on them who are looking for the best bikes, then you are here and should give Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike a chance to be with you in your journey.

Since you and I are connected in this journey, if you have any issues or questions, do let me know as I am here to help you get the best bike for your career or as a hobby, whatever your goals are. I will see you in the following article with something great. Till then wish you the very best of luck with your career in biking. Cheers!


  • High-end frame & design
  • Powerful engine & speed
  • Best for all types of people
  • Affordable


  • There is room for improvement in tire quality
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