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Automatic Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes have always been about power, fun, and adventure. Although there are many types of dirt bikes that can give you a thrilling ride across off-road terrain, the automatic dirt bike is ahead of the game. This is usually because these powerful bikes don’t rely on your for gear chance and can easily handle the challenges of the terrain on their own.

Besides being easy to ride, automatic dirt bikes are also relatively low maintenance. This is because they have fewer parts that can break or require repairs. As a result, they are ideal for riders who want to enjoy the adventure without having to worry about the bike. Let’s get to finding the perfect automatic or semi-automatic dirt bike for you!

Reviewing The Best Automatic Dirt Bikes of 2022

If you’re looking for an automatic dirt bike that will take your riding experience to the next level, check out our top 10 list of the best in the market for 2022.

1. Honda Trail 125 ABS

Honda Trail 125 ABS

Key Features:

  • Engine: 125cc single cylinder
  • Weight: 117kg
  • Power: 10 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 1.4 gallons


The Honda Trail 125 ABS is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a durable and powerful off-road vehicle. Its 125cc engine is powerful enough to cover any terrain yet still easy to maneuver. What I loved most about this bike was its easy ride – even for beginners.

One thing to note was that even for its small frame, it packs a lot of power. The power delivery is smooth and linear, making it easy to control. And the suspension soaking up bumps and ruts made for a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain.

Its four-speed centrifugal automatic clutch transmission is also excellent for those who are new to off-roading, as it takes the guesswork out of shifting gears. You don’t need to do too much maintenance since the durable build, and quality attachments last a long time. Overall, the Honda Trail 125 ABS is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and capable off-road bike.


  • Has front and rear brakes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can withstand rain and weathering
  • Upswept exhaust for better intake


  • Has a scooter-like build


2. KTM FreeRide E-XC

KTM FreeRide E-XC

Key Features:

  • Engine: 18kw motor
  • Weight: 111kg
  • Power: 24 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: Electric


KTM’s first electric mini bike, the Freeride E-XC, is a true game changer in the world of offroad vehicles. With its powerful motor and lightweight design, the Freeride E-XC can tackle any terrain, making it the perfect bike for both beginners and experienced riders alike.

If you’re like me, you’d know the importance of a good battery on a dirt bike. KTM’s innovative PowerPack battery system provides riders with up to 2 hours of ride time, making the Freeride E-XC the perfect bike for long days on the trails.

Personally, the fast charging battery and swift automatic transmission are what had me hooked! I still can’t believe the amount of power this bike dishes out. And with its low emissions and virtually silent operation, the Freeride E-XC is also great for the environment.

So whether you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get around the neighborhood or you’re ready to tackle the most challenging trails, the KTM Freeride E-XC is the perfect bike for you.


  • Does not require fuel
  • Has zero carbon emissions
  • Makes no noise when running
  • Has a high power output


  • Needs recharging from time to time


3. Zero FX – Best Overall

Zero FX

Key Features:

  • Engine: 15kw motor
  • Weight: 131 kg
  • Power: 46 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: Electric


For some, the idea of an automatic transmission is heresy. They believe that part of the fun – and challenge – of dirt biking is manually shifting gears to maintain control over the bike. And while there’s no denying that this can be enjoyable, it’s not for everyone. If you’re not a fan of manual transmissions or if you’re simply looking for a more relaxed ride, the Zero FX is a great choice.

I never had to worry about changing gears with the Zero FX; the transmission is automatic. This can be a big advantage when you’re riding in rough terrain, as it frees up your hands and allows you to focus on controlling the bike.

What’s more, is that the ergonomic handlebars really helped improve my bike control. And since there’s no clutch to worry about, the Zero FX is also easier to ride than a traditional dirt bike. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Zero FX is an excellent option for those who want a relaxed ride without worrying.


  • Charge lasts a long time
  • Has 78lbs of peak torque
  • Weatherproof seat and detailing
  • Fully road-legal build


  • Is on the expensive side


4. Honda Africa Twin DCT

Honda Africa Twin DCT

Key Features:

  • Engine:  1082cc
  • Weight: 249kg
  • Power: 93.8 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: Electric


If you’re looking for a powerful yet aesthetic bike to take out for an adventure, this one here will be your favorite. Honda’s Africa Twin DCT is a versatile, capable off-road motorcycle built for adventure. It’s powered by a 999cc twin-cylinder engine that produces 100 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque.

The Africa Twin DCT has a six-speed dual-clutch transmission with manual and automatic modes. The motorcycle has a ground clearance of 9.8 inches and a seat height of 33.5 inches. It’s equipped with Honda’s Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, which provides traction control and wheelie control.

It has helped me cross many terrains without any trouble. I find that this bike is exceptionally comfortable to ride and very easy to control. The Africa Twin DCT is an excellent choice for riders who want a versatile adventure motorcycle that can take them anywhere they want to go.


  • Has a dual transmission system
  • Perfect for off-road adventures
  • Is powerful like a road bike
  • Has an adjustable, long travel suspension


  • Can be too much to handle for beginners


5. Electric Motion Escape R

Electric Motion Escape R

Key Features:

  • Engine: 6kw motor
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Power: 8 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: Electric


The Electric Motion Escape R is a hardcore automatic dirt bike that’s perfect for pits, trails, and any terrain you choose.  It’s got a powerful motor that can take you anywhere, and it’s built to last with a solid frame and tough suspension. I used their dirt bike on different competition courses, on off-road adventures, and even in the rain.

If you’re looking for a bike to enter competitions with, this is a good choice since it comes with everything you need. Unless the equipment is not up to your preferences, there are hardly any upgrades you need to make on this bike in order to win.

The weatherproof exterior is perfect for people who like to take rides in pleasant weather. One of my favorite things about the bike is the level of durability it offers for its lightweight build. It can easily withstand crash damage to quite an extent. If you’re looking for an electric dirt bike that can handle anything you throw at it, the Escape R is the one for you.


  • Can reach speeds of 44mph
  • Is street legal
  • Can easily be used for competitions
  • Special clutch for fewer slips


  • Extremely lightweight build


6. Kawasaki KLX110R – Powerful Bike

Kawasaki KLX110R

Key Features:

  • Engine: 112cc
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Power: 7 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 1 gallon


When it comes to motorcycles, everyone knows of Kawasaki. The KLX110R is my personal favorite for a light dirt bike that has enough power to go offroad but isn’t a full-on muscle tank.  It’s perfect for beginners or those who just want to enjoy a nice day out on the trails. The automatic suspension can handle off-road terrain and competition tracks.

The slightly tall yet durable build has helped me get past some seriously stormy weather.  The best part is that you can easily upgrade the bike and keep its transmission settings to your liking. I highly recommend this one if you’re in the market for a good, all-around dirt bike.

You wouldn’t need to invest too much in maintenance, either. I’ve had this bike for quite some time, and I didn’t see any rusting or wear on its parts. The adjustable seat is my favorite feature since it lets me determine what posture I want when riding, so the experience is more comfortable.


  • Easily adjustable seat height
  • Can be used manual and automatic
  • Has ergonomic handles for better grip
  • Has front and rear drum brakes


  • Too lightweight for some people


7. Suzuki DR-Z50 – Cheap & Reliable

Suzuki DR-Z50

Key Features:

  • Engine: 49cc
  • Weight: 54gs
  • Power: 8 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 0.8 gallon


Looking for a small yet powerful dirt bike? Meet the Suzuki DR-Z50, a godsent dirt bike for beginners.  The DR-Z50 is equipped with a 49cc four-stroke engine, making it easy to ride and control for beginner riders.

It also has an automatic clutch and a three-speed gearbox, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. Plus, its small size was what helped me get the hang of dirt bike riding when I was a teen.

The keyed ignition gave me a classic motorbike feel, and I found that it was helpful that there was a throttle limiter on the bike. These small knacks and added safety features help riders learn how to properly maneuver a dirt bike while prioritizing their wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a great starter dirt bike, the Suzuki DR-Z50 is the perfect choice. It’s small, powerful, and easy to ride, making it ideal for beginner riders. So get out there and start exploring the world of dirt biking with the Suzuki DR-Z50.


  • Perfect for beginner riders and learning
  • Is easier to balance and maneuver
  • Can be upgraded by adding new parts
  • Does not rust or corrode with time


  • Not suitable for adults


8. Apollo DB-X6 – Best Overall

Apollo DB-X6

Key Features:

  • Engine: 125cc
  • Weight: 77kg
  • Power: 13.4 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 1 gallon


If you’re all about adventure on an affordable budget, the Apollo DB-X6 will be your new best friend. I liked this dirt bike because of its performance and features. It’s a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. The kickstart ignition really helped me get into the mood of riding a motorbike for the first time.

Its shock-absorption systems are some of the best I’ve ever experienced, and I think that’s very important for new riders. You can easily use this bike in the pit or on off-road tracks. With a few modifications here and there, it can even be road-safe and legal.

More than anything, I think its durability is what has me hooked. The bike comes with a one-year warranty, which is great. The customer service is also excellent. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Apollo DB-X6 and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and fun dirt bike.


  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Telescopic tubes for shock resistance
  • Does not require much effort to drive
  • Perfect for beginners and young adults


  • Not as fast as competitor models


9. SSR SR110TR – Branded Quality


Key Features:

  • Engine: 107cc
  • Weight: 66.6kg
  • Power: 7 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 1.45 gallon


Considering a semi-automatic dirt bike? Check out the SSR SR110TR. The SSR SR110TR is one of the best semi-automatic bikes in the dirt bike industry.  It’s packed with features and is perfect for those who want a great bike that they can ride on the trails or the track. The SR110TR has a four-stroke engine, making it an excellent choice for those who want a powerful bike that can handle any terrain.

One of the things I liked most about this bike was how easy it was to ride and how you could customize the experience. The bike also has an adjustable suspension system that allows you to customize your ride. Not only is it durable, but it also goes above and beyond for added safety during slips and falls. The strong frame can hold its own,  and the rider is always in complete control.


  • Provides better quality for a less price
  • Has front and back disk brakes
  • Easily adjustable transmission
  • Does not require much maintenance


  • Difficult to find compatible parts for an upgrade


10. KTM 50 SX – Best For All


Key Features:

  • Engine: 49cc
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Power: 5.5 horsepower
  • Tank Capacity: 0.6 gallon


Looking for a dirt bike that you and your child can match with? Meet the KTM 50SX, a bike model that comes in both full size and mini. Not gonna lie. I was so hyped to have my baby brother ride a mini version of the bike I have. 

The 50cc 2-stroke engine is designed for preteens and younger teens, and my brother was on the upper end of that age range. But he loved it, and we had a lot of fun riding together. The safety equipment on this bike makes it perfect for young riders. Its shock absorption ability lets you conquer bumps in the terrain, and the adjustable levers give you the option to tailor the bike to a child’s size.

The 50 SX also comes with a training wheelset, which can be easily mounted or removed. KTM 50 SX and KTM 50 SX Mini are great dirt bikes for both kids and adults. They’re lightweight, nimble, and packed with features that make them perfect for off-road riding.

Plus, they’re a blast to ride! If you’re looking for a great dirt bike to get started with, or if you’re just looking for a fun bike to ride around on, the KTM 50 SX is the perfect choice.


  • Perfect for beginners and child riders
  • Easy to adjust seat height
  • Ergonomic handles with good grip
  • Metallic components do not rust


  • Not suited for adults


Automatic Dirt Bike – Buyer’s Guide

The automatic dirt bike is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the thrill of riding without worrying about shifting gears. These bikes are equipped with an automatic transmission that makes it easy to get started and keep going. If you’re looking for an automatic dirt bike, you should keep a few things in mind.


Types of Dirt Bikes

When it comes to dirt bikes, they are mainly divided into these three types.


Manual dirt bikes are the most popular type. They are also known as clutch bikes. These bikes have a lever on the left handlebar that is used to shift gears. You need to use this lever to upshift and downshift. They’re for people who prefer an old-school feel to their riding or racing and are used to riding a manual bike.


Automatic dirt bikes are a godsend for people who can’t manually adjust the transmission.  These don’t have any clutch lever, and you also don’t need to worry about gears. Instead, they come with an electronic control unit that automatically handles everything for you. As your bike comes across different terrains, it automatically adjusts the gear settings to ensure a smooth ride.



For those who want the best of both worlds, semi-automatic dirt bikes are the way to go.  They have a clutch lever like manual bikes, but they also come with an automatic transmission. This type of bike is great for those who are still getting used to the feel of an automatic bike or for those who want more control over their riding experience.

Features of an Automatic Dirt Bike

Automatic dirt bikes are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Many riders enjoy the freedom and convenience that an automatic transmission provides. Here are a few things to remember if you’re considering switching to an automatic dirt bike.


When it comes to dirt bikes, the design is one of the most important things to a rider. Whether you have an auto dirt bike or any other one, it must be built in a way that matches your vibe or aesthetic preferences.  This is what makes or breaks a deal for some customers.


Some people prefer bikes with thin yet durable frames, providing a sleek silhouette to the beast of a bike. At the same time, others prefer theirs with heavy tanks, fenders, and other accessories that are often adorned like armor on a warrior.

If you’re looking for an auto dirt bike, make sure to find one that comes in your favorite color. You should also check out the different designs to see which one you think is the coolest.

Materials used

A good bike is the product of the materials used to build it. If you are looking for an auto dirt bike for cheap, you may not get one that is durable and resistant to fall damage. The frame of these dirt bikes is often made of steel, though some more expensive models use titanium.

The suspension is also an important factor to consider. Many of the cheaper dirt bikes have less quality suspension systems, which will not provide as much shock absorption in the event of a crash or fall. You should also check the leather or fabric for the seats, the quality of detailing, and the type of rubber elements added to the bike.

If you are looking for a more expensive bike made with better materials, you should check for an aluminum frame. This is a much lighter metal, making the bike easier to handle. The tires also have a softer rubber compound, providing more grip on the ground.


The seats are often made of high-quality leather or fabric, and the bike will have better suspension and detail work. You may also find that the bike is easier to assemble than a cheaper model. When you are looking at the different materials used to make a bike, keep in mind that the goal is to find one that is durable and will last for many years.

You do not want to buy a new bike every year because the old one was not made to last. The best way to find a good quality bike is to read reviews from other customers and talk to people who have already purchased the same or similar model. This will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of quality and durability.


Since automatic bikes handle changing gear and transmission issues, riders often have a firm grip on the handles.  Riders need to be able to grip the handles firmly, even when their hands are sweating from the heat of the ride.

The handle should also have good shock absorption to protect the rider’s hands from vibrations. Some dirt bikes have ergonomic handles that are easier on the rider’s hands. These might be made of softer materials or have a special grip.

An example of this might be a handle that is made of foam instead of plastic. Whatever the handle’s material, ensure it does not wear with repeated use or succumb to weather damage.



Let’s face it. You can’t do much riding on your dirt bike if not for the wheels. Automatic dirt bike wheels typically have 12 spokes. However, you may find that some have as few as 10 or as many as 14. There’s not really a difference in performance. It’s more of a preference thing.

The other thing to look at is the size of the wheel. Most automatic dirt bikes have 12-inch wheels in the front and 10-inch wheels in the back. However, some models have 11-inch wheels in the front and back.

If you want a bike that can handle rough terrain, then you might want to go with the 12-inch wheels. If you’re looking for a bike that’s going to be more nimble, then you might want to go with the 11-inch wheels.

Type of tire

There are two types of dirt bike tires: knobby and paddle. Knobby tires are the ones that have all those little bumps on them. They’re great for traction and grip but don’t do so well on hard surfaces. Paddle tires are the ones that have those big, flat paddles on them. They’re great for hard surfaces but not so much for traction and grip. If you’re going to be riding on a mix of surfaces, then you might want to get a bike with both types of tires.

Type of chain

When it comes to dirt bike chains, there are two main types: standard and O-ring. Standard chains are the more common type, and great for general riding. O-ring chains are a bit more expensive, but they’re worth it if you’re going to be riding in mud or water. O-ring chains have rubber seals on them that help keep out the dirt and water.



Some people might say that the most important part of a dirt bike is the engine, but we beg to differ. If you don’t have a comfortable seat, you’ll not enjoy riding your dirt bike very much. So when you’re looking at different models, pay close attention to the seat! You want something comfortable for long rides because let’s face it, that’s why you’re buying a dirt bike in the first place.

  • First, think about how tall you are. You want to be able to sit on the bike and have both feet flat on the ground, with a slight bend in your knees. If you can’t do that, the seat is too tall, and you’ll be uncomfortable.
  • Second, think about how much weight you’re going to be carrying. If you’re on the bigger side you might want to consider a wider seat for better comfort and balance during the ride.
  • Finally, think about the material the seat is made from. You want something that will be comfortable even when it’s hot outside, so avoid anything made from plastic or vinyl. Leather is a good option, but it can be pricey. If you’re on a budget, look for a seat that is covered in fabric.


A dirt bike is nothing without its engine.  A good engine will give you the power you need to ride fast and hard, while a bad engine will leave you struggling to keep up.

When shopping for a dirt bike, pay close attention to the engine. Look for an engine that is powerful enough to give you the performance you want but not so powerful that it is difficult to control. Additionally, pay attention to the engine’s size. A larger engine will give you more power, making the bike heavier and more difficult to maneuver.

The most common engine capacities for automatic dirt bikes are  50cc, 110cc, 125cc, and 140cc. As the capacity increases, so do the power output and top speed. 50cc dirt bikes are suitable for kids aged 6-10 years old, while 110cc bikes are better suited for older kids and adults who are just starting out. 125cc and 140cc engines are powerful enough for experienced riders but can be too much for beginners.



The last thing on our list is the safety features installed in automatic dirt bikes.  Most of these features are designed to keep the rider safe in the event of an accident. Some of the most common safety features include:

Airbags: These are designed to be deployed in the event of a crash and can help protect the rider from serious injuries.

Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC): This relatively new technology helps keep the bike stable in slippery or uneven conditions.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): This is a must-have for any motorcycle and can help prevent the wheels from locking up during sudden braking.

How to Check if your Dirt Bike is Street Legal

You must check a few key things to ensure your dirt bike is street legal. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Check your state’s requirements. Each state has different requirements for what a legal dirt bike consists of. You’ll need to research your state’s specific requirements and ensure your bike meets them.
  • Get a license plate and registration. In most states, you’ll need to get a license plate and registration for your dirt bike if you want to ride it on the street.
  • Make sure your bike has the right lights. All street legal vehicles must have working headlights, taillights, and turn signals. You’ll need to ensure your dirt bike has all of these things before you can ride it on the street.
  • Get insurance. In most states, you’ll need to have insurance for your dirt bike if you want to ride it on the street.
  • Follow all other state and local laws. Apart from the laws we’ve already covered, you’ll need to follow all other state and local laws when riding your dirt bike on the street. This includes things like wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, and not riding on sidewalks.

Now that you know what you need to do to make sure your automatic dirt bike is street legal, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the ride!

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