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Want to know how fast a 125cc dirt bike go? As a newbie to the dirt biking world, every ride has the same thought, “what would be the best bike for me?”. The goal isn’t to find the fastest one but a dirt bike that will keep you safe and make you long for racing for a long time. 

The excellence of the 125cc dirt bike has remained unchallenged. How fast a 125cc dirt bike goes and the power and comfort this piece of machinery provides its user define how spectacular it is. All over the world, This bike is bound to be the primary preference for bikers.


Considering how fast the 125cc dirt bikes go, you might wonder if it is a safe choice. Not only is this a good amount of power, but the entire learning experience with this dirt bike is also extraordinary. Regardless of the height and weight of the rider, the 125cc dirt bike accommodates all forms of people. 


The cherry on top is the right seating position on the bike, leading to a comfortable ride at such speed. Remember that the younger generation might first need to try their hand at a smaller engine. You can imagine the bike’s power with how fast a 125cc dirt bike goes. Thus, a shorter bike with around 50-80cc power may provide kids a better ride. 

The right age group for a 125cc dirt bike

The best part of opting for a 125cc dirt bike is that it is an ideal choice for various age groups. This powerful piece of machinery offers many options for all individuals. For a child wanting to move up from a lesser class of engine or an adult seeking a learning chance. The 125cc bike will provide exceptional performance and racing prowess to everyone. 


As a precautionary measure, younger children who wish to try a speed higher than 50cc may test an 80cc bike before. If these kids choose to make the direct shift, they might misjudge how fast a 125cc dirt bike goes.

Giving your children a chance to grow at their own pace is always better. Placing them in unnecessary terrifying situations may scar them for life. This will make them miss out on incredible experiences.

A biker has to be ready to test their limits. With a 125cc bike, adults have the perfect opportunity to learn and explore the boundaries of their abilities with the sport. The weight of every person may determine how much power the 125cc bike can offer. 

At the end of the day, how fast a 125cc dirt bike goes depends on how much speed you are willing to handle. 

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go? 

Once you dip your toe in the well of thrill that dirt biking provides, you want to keep experiencing new levels of infectious energy. Once you feel the magnificent power of the 125cc bike between your legs, you want to push the speed further. 

Every quality biker wants to experience how fast an Apollo 125 goes or how quickly a Honda 125 dirt bike manages to go. For novice riders beginning their journey in the field, the 125cc dirt bike is perfect. 

Your primary concern should be determining how fast a 125cc dirt bike goes along with the mechanical energy you can handle. These two aspects have to align with one another. Your end on the road will define your riding experience as much as the energy stored in the bike’s engine. 

A 125cc dirt bike is not the fastest bike in the market. However, do not let this fact goad you into thinking the performance of this bike is inferior to others in the same group. The top speed of the 125cc dirt bikes varies between 55 to 70 miles per hour.

There are secondary factors that will affect the top speed; these include: 

● Variations in the model

● Size of the engine

● Environmental aspects

● Skills of the rider

● Modification in the bike

To determine how fast you can go on a bike, be patient and participate in a time trial. Not only will you have a supernatural encounter with other bikers, but you will also be able to gauge your top speed.

Balancing the Top Speed with Control 

Of course, every rider wants to know the fastest speed at their dirt bike can go on! Although it may surprise you that the dirt bike wasn’t initially built for speed. This bike was intended to run over any obstacles in the pathway. 

This way, you can still reach a destination faster than anybody else without driving the fastest. The agility your 125cc dirt bike will provide cannot be easily substituted by any other vehicle.

The answer to how fast the 125cc dirt bike can go is a complex speed range. Numerous other factors define the overall top speed that every individual rider can achieve. The key to being an exceptional dirt bike rider for life is learning how to 

Dirt biking, in particular, is more about control than anything else. The level of restraint you can handle on faster dirt bikes will result from your cumulative skillset. Start with slower cycles but practice on rough terrains. Slowly develop your talents to eventually rule over the quicker models.

One must recognize the importance of knowing what’s best for you as a rider. Arm yourself with the relevant knowledge, and then you are good to go to ride off into the sunset.

Cautions for speeding 

Dirt biking is a sport where mere words can only do so much. The ride’s entire experience makes the endeavor worth it all. Although, taking some preventive measures is essential. 

When upgrading our riding experiences, how fast a 125cc dirt bike goes may seem like the only significant factor. However, as Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed”. 

A ride on the 125cc dirt bike should be a conscious experience rather than a subconscious one. The fear of overspeeding should only overcome part of the journey. Start by setting a rule for yourself for the speed limit that you cannot get higher than. I suggest opting for a 3rd gear when the bike is at 5. 

As time passes, you can expand the liberty and challenge how fast the 125cc dirt bike goes. Never, not even once, should you think it is okay to ride without a helmet. A hack for safe biking is asking yourself how you would have biked on the road if your loved ones were around. 

Instead of focusing on the speed, notice the wind and the terrain while marveling at your control on the bike while the scenery flies by. Your entire experience on the dirt bike will revamp many times. 

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