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Are you here for the sake of the X-PRO 125cc dirt bike review in 2022? Yes, I am talking about the best dirt bike, which is the X-PRO 125cc dirt bike, and you will love it after reading the features of this fantastic bike 2022.

But before that, you should know that everyone has their aim and goal in life where they want to grab the best dirt bike for their wife, kids, or them.

So, depending on those things, I will review this amazing bike, and you will know everything after reading this amazing review about this best bike.


X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike – Affordable

X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike

Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 158.3 lbs.
  • Cooling system: Air Cooled
  • Frame: Steel frame


Now, it’s time for the X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike review, and here is the best assessment you will love after reading this article.


The X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike is available in multiple colors, and you can have your paint if you want. There is various color selection, and you can have whatever you want. 

There is no issue in selecting the color of this X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike as there are many colors available such as black, blue and red, etc. 

But, this X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike is predominantly available in black color. No worries, you will get other colors; as I told you earlier, you will have many different colors for your riding. 

Frame: The best thing you need

The frame is the only thing in the bike that made them more substantial for a longer time. Otherwise, a dirt bike is nothing because most of the time, the more weight you put on the bike, the more the frame needs support and has to be vital to handle the stress and weight. 

The Cradle type steel tube frame is the best in this bike, and you can have the best ever dirt bike for under $1000, which is an excellent price for such an amazing bike. 

This is not the end; the frame is designed in such a way that you can have complete rest while riding this X-PRO 125cc dirt bike 2022. Rest is important, and for a long ride and driving, this becomes an essential factor for you. That’s why having such a great vehicle like the X-PRO 125cc dirt bike is like heaven, and you should avail this.

The front fork presents the best frame situation when you drop from some height, providing the best bike experience you can ever have. The double plie frame is the best way to support your whole bike, and this thing will save you from getting jerked again and again on the hill roads.

Weight: Focus on this thing

With the lightweight frame, this bike has become the #1 bike in my life because of its excellent features. Lightweight is essential for those who want a faster ride and want some stunts, and it will help you to become the best rider as you are professional, and this bike can help you to achieve your goal.

154.3 lbs. can help you to get a better riding experience and you will see when you will use this dirt bike as reading blogs is not only okay unless you ride this bike by yourself. The total capacity for this bike is around 200 lbs. This bike can easily handle two persons simultaneously, and I love this feature of this dirt bike.

That’s why I am writing this X-PRO 125cc dirt bike review for you so you can get what you want according to your needs. 

Tires: Full length 

As explained in the title, this bike has full-length tires, which means this is the best bike for adults and people 18+. So, if you are an adult, this bike is waiting for you to ride and get a fantastic time for your hobby or career. 

The 17″/14″ inches of tires provide the best length, and you will love to see the best ever experience as this bike is made especially for people who are serious about their career and want the best dirt bike in 2022.

Air Cooled system:

The air-cooling system is impressive. Imagine if you are on the way to a road trip or dirt trip and face the hot summer. Then this is the thing that came to an end and helped you to grab some remarkable results with its air-cooling system or feature, whatever you call it.

That’s why I write this X-PRO 125cc dirt bike review; and it is just a unique and awesome bike for you if you pay close attention to it. 

Brakes: Most Important thing

Brakes are essential if you want the best riding experience because they can save you from many accidents and other harmful incidents. X-Pro provides the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, making this bike a terrific pick for you, whether you are an expert biker or a beginner. 

The X-Pro will handle everything because of many quality features, like these hydraulic brakes. The chain is also so strong and will not let you down anywhere. I can bet, this is going to be your favorite dirt bike for the 2022 as well as for the other years.


The one and maybe the only defect I can say about this bike is you need to assemble this bike by yourself because of the box-packed features in this bike. You can order without the build-by-yourself elements if you want to, and I recommend doing it at any cost if you start your biking career.


So, this is about today’s topic, “X-PRO 125cc dirt bike review“. I hope you enjoyed this journey with me. If you want anything to ask, let me know, and I will be there for you in any way, bad or good.

Also, if you have a question, I have answers. I can help you in getting the best bike for you in 2022. Please let me know in the comments box below if you have any suggestions or questions. See you around with another big thing very soon. Happy riding!


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap & Reliable
  • Strong frame
  • Fastest & Gripped


  • Not any

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