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When it comes to the bikes, X PRO HAWK 125 CC is the best in the world, I can say because of its so many features I got. This bike is a fantastic one; that’s why I will reveal some of the top features in this X PRO HAWK 125 CC review with you. 

It is because I was hoping you could manage the time for your health and grab a fantastic bike that can help you let your bad habits go and get better health with this bike X PRO HAWK 125 CC. 

X-PRO Hawk 125 CC Specifications

X-PRO Hawk 125


  • Engine: 125cc, 4-stroke
  • Frame: Tube Cradle Frame
  • Seat Height: 33.5 inches
  • Weight: 187 lbs. (Gross)
  • Transmission: Semi Clutch
  • Tires: Rugged tires

This semi-transmission bike is a kick-start bike that lets you manage the bike start with the help of a kick and get the best experience. 

To be honest, I like the automatic bike, but when it comes to an adventure, I love the kick start bike because they don’t have everything in automation, and that’s where such bikes can be a good option, just like this X Pro Hawk 125cc dirt bike which I called the best in the world in 2022.

Okay, let’s let it go as I don’t want to make you feel bad by not telling you what’s inside this fantastic X PRO HAWK 125 CC bike, which I will reveal in this article. So, without any further due, let’s get started with our very first feature:

Zongshen Engine:

Although the Zongshen engine is expensive, the quality is incredible, and you can significantly change your biking world. That’s why I choose this X PRO HAWK 125 CC dirt bike because of its powerful and reliable engine.

With the help of 4-strokes, you can go beyond the speed limit and grab the best biking results without facing any issues. That’s why I am writing this X PRO HAWK 125 CC review for you so you can learn the most amazing facts and features you need.

The bike’s engine is designed to control the speed by yourself with the help of different transmissions, which have been used in this bike for almost every type of rider. That’s why it is one of the best bikes I would say I ever drive in my entire life. By the way, what was your favorite bike before this one? Let me know!

High-end frame & design:

I would not be wrong if I said that every cost of this bike is because of the frame. Yes, I am not joking. The design and structure are of total quality, and I just loved how this bike was designed. If I had to express my concern about this bike, I would say, “Yes, this is the only bike I need to ride in 2022”.

Steel, as you know, always makes a better chance in the bikes, and when you have such a frame made of steel, you are on the way to being the best person who got the best bike. That’s why I always say 60% of the motorcycle and bike’s quality depends on the design, frame, and engine, and the rest 40% goes to other things.

So, how do you want to manage this bike? Is there anything you are looking for a change in this review? Do let me know so I can have an answer or something like that for you.

Heavy duty:

Imagine a person weighted 80 kg riding this bike. Do you allow your bike to such a person who got such an enormous weight? I don’t think so. But wait, there is nothing to worry about as the suspension of this bike’s design is so powerful that they could manage even 100 kgs of weight without having any issue.

I called this bike X Pro hawk 125cc the beats because of so many powerful experiences, parts, and quality output.


The story is not ended yet. There is something more that you want to know, but you don’t see how these things can impact your life in a better way. You will get a complete toolbox to help you grab the best quality whenever your bike stops working due to any sudden issue. There’s when you need a toolbox, and this bike offers a free toolbox that came with this beautiful and faster dirt bike in 2022.

Seat & seat height:

With the help of 33.5 inches of the seat, you can ride this bike without any issue because this bike is designed especially for adults and 18+ ages. I use this bike alone because my kid is too small to carry this bigger, better, beast dirt bike.

I want to mention that you can’t adjust the seat height because this feature is lacking in this bike, and I don’t think it’s a problem.

Like bicycles, this dirt bike is meant to ride for a longer journey, and there is a big difference between a bike and a bicycle. So, you can have an eye on this thing and get the bike after managing everything in your mind.

Never buy anything in which your heart is missing and can’t cooperate with your mind. That’s the point at which you won’t need to know what to do and what to not when getting a bike.

My Advice:

It is the advice I gave to thousands of people who met me in the past year and asked questions about the bikes. Never get a motorcycle where the seat is adjustable, and the suspension is manual. Reason? Because your half-like will be gone in setting these two things, which is unacceptable at any cost.

That’s why I always use automatic suspension and non-adjustable bikes because I know what I am doing and am best at doing that.

You can get a 2nd hand bike or a used one but never compromise on the quality to save a few bucks for something useless you don’t need.


Dirt bikes have always been so close to me, and I appreciate getting the best for my other loved ones and me. I always stay fit because I have an X Pro Hawk 125 CC dirt bike in 2022, and I will keep this as long as I want.

So, this is all done here. I hope you may know now all about the X Pro Hawk 125 CC review, which I just completed. If you still have questions or want to ask anything, the comment section and my e-mail box are always open. And I will help you, your friends, and everyone who wants to grab the best moments of adventures in this beautiful world just like my X Pro Hawk 125 CC beauty. I will see you in the following article with something new and unique. Till then, make sure you keep yourself healthy and safe. Cheers!

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